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You know them, you love them..they're the cast of Angry People! From your daily staples to your bizarre one-shots, they've made you laugh and they've made you cry...they may even have made you consult a physician if you experienced redness or shortness of breath.

Name: Angry Guy
Age: 19
First appearance: March 12th, 2001
Favorite movie: "American Pie"
Favorite band/musician: Tool
Name: Angry Kid
Age: 15
First appearance: March 14th, 2001
Favorite movie: "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"
Favorite band/musician: Op Ivy, Alkaline Trio, Blink 182.
Name: Angry Chick
Age: 19
First appearance: March 19th, 2001
Favorite movie: "Clerks" and "Some Kind of Wonderful". Don't laugh, asshole!
Favorite band/musician: Tori Amos, The Donnas, The Hippos
Name: Angry Punk
Age: 21
First appearance: March 21st, 2001
Favorite movie: A toss up between "SLC Punk" and "Sid and Nancy". "Filth and the Fury" was awesome too, though.
Favorite band/musician: The Smiths, they're fuckin' terif. Also The Sex Pistols, Rancid, AFI...and uh...that Dashboard Confessional guy is ok...I guess *cough*
Name: AngryBeard
Age: Doesn't know
First appearance: April 9th, 2001
Favorite movie: Me own film, twas rated ARRR!
Favorite band/musician: Me mateys on the squeezebox and pipes after a round of grog, arr.
Name: Angry Hoochie
Age: 20
First appearance: July 27th, 2001
Favorite movie: "Boogie Nights"
Favorite band/musician: The Corrs, India Arie
One-Shot Characters
This comic is famous for it's philosophy of "If you can't think of something funny for your current characters to say, make up a new one!". Sometimes this creates regular characters, sometimes not. Here are a few characters sprung from this habit that never made another appearance.

Name: Angry Chick's Rivers Cuomo Cut-out
Appearance: December 28th, 2001
Comment: When I first made a reference to this guy in this strip, I never intended to really show him. Who knows, perhaps Angry Chick's fickle fancies will cause us to someday see her Wil Wheaton cut-out in a similar predicament.

Name: Angry Critic
Appearance: June 11th, 2001
Comment: This is the Angry incarnation of Filmbuff, the most-cameoed person in webcomics...who didn't even have a comic (until now)! One of his first appearances, before the ball really got rolling.

Name: Angry Rudy
Appearance: May 21st, 2001
Comment: This one came from my wish that there were more real rude boys in Seattle.

Name: The Angry Guys in a Bar: Angry Guy with a Moustache and Angry Guy with a Combover.
Appearance: August 31st, 2001
Comment: Although Angry Guy With a Combover made a second appearnce in a strip as Angry Kid's teacher, it was never established if it really was him, or just his evil twin.

Name: Angry College Student
Appearance: March 26th, 2001
Comment: My sister Esti makes a cameo appearance in AP in a strip she authored.

Name: Angry Ho
Appearance: April 20th, 2001
Comment: People have asked if this was Angry Hoochie's predeccesor, which it is not. It's merely my old friend Kelsen at her wit-laden best.

Name: Angry Clown
Appearance: June 18th, 2001
Comment: This was a favor to my friend Erin's ex-boyfriend, DJ, who is an avid Insane Clown Posse fan. Why do my hands feel so dirty...

Name: Captain Angry
Appearance: June 27th, 2001
Comment: This guy was whipped up just for an excuse to quote MST3K, and a Sporkman cameo.

Name: Angry Gay Boy
Appearance: December 7th, 2001
Comment: I created this character because my new friend Brian said that if I didn't, he'd never speak to me again. Well, I did, and he still never called. matter which way they swing, they never call.

Name: Angry Cody
Appearance: February 22nd, 2002
Comment: Angry Kid needed a friend, and my "little-brother", Cody, was just the kid for the job! No lines for this little sir.

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